Annoyance’s improv training is guided by our Artistic Director, Mick Napier and based on the approach found in his book Improvise. Scene from the Inside Out.

We are known for giving specific, individualized feedback to our students and helping them to develop and maintain a strong individual voice in their improvisation.

Our classes focus on scenic improvisation, that is, we don’t focus on performance games, rules of improvisation, or performance styles such as “The Harold.”

Through scenework, classes address the beginning, or initiation of a scene; developing and maintaining strong characters; learning to hold on to your initial choices while at the same time, expanding on (heightening) the choices you have made; and learning to become deft at creating and weaving unexpected, character-based choices into your work.

We maintain small class sizes, and all of our teachers are ensemble members who have learned and performed with Annoyance, and thus have first hand experience with the way we approach improvisation at Annoyance.