Zach Zimmerman

Zach Zimmerman hates bios. He writes, he performs, and he improvises. His work has been featured on The Huffington Post Blog, Dose, and OMGFacts. He’s performed around the globe with Baby Wants Candy, Mission Improvable, ImprovAcadia, and The Second City Theatricals. The Chicago Reader recommended his 2016 solo show “Spell” and called it “beautifully bizarre.” Zach was last seen at the Annoyance in the sold-out hits “Steamwerkz: The Musical” and “Fuck You, I Love You, Bye: The Rahm Emanuel Story.” He graduated from Princeton University in 2010 with a degree in Religion and a certificate in Theatre. He’s a vegetarian and you should be one, too. Follow along on Twitter, Medium, and Instagram @zzdoublezz