Wolfgang Stein

Wolfgang Stein is an actor, writer and director hailing from Wisconsin. He is currently a faculty member at The Second City Training Center and teaches at The Annoyance. His Annoyance credits include Fire & Beer: Annoyance House Ensemble, Oprah! A Comedy!, Lady Balls, Reality Recap Reunion, Film Sküle and several Triple Features including Swinging With The Stars, which he wrote. He wrote and directed Lady Mechanics: The Musical which was the first Sunday show at the new space, 851 W. Belmont. Outside of the Annoyance he enjoys playing with Jack & The Wolf, his two man group with Jack Thurston Farrell. They produce The Bucket Show once a month. Wolf also does musical improv with MINT on Wednesdays. He is thrilled to be working with The Annoyance and would like to thank Mick and Jen.


Reviews of Wolfgang Stein:

AP1 Student

Wolf’s the man. Created an awesome environment for newcomers and helped give us a little confidence along the way. Thankful he was my first teacher.“

AP1 Student

“I love Wolfgang. I love improv. I love my classmates. I love the Annoyance. I love you.“

AP1 Student

“Good pace and we covered A LOT! Love how different it was from Second City where it always felt like we weren’t ready to swim without the water wings. This class just dove into everything first day.”

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