Traycie McBee

The young and wildly talented Miss T McBee is thrilled to be joining the cast of Holy Fuck Comedy Hour. After dropping out of the US Olympic figure skating team, the FBI, and NASA’s space program in 2005, Traycie has been living the dream improvising and writing sketch comedy in Chicago. Today, you can catch Traycie here at Holy Fuck Comedy Hour. You can also see her improvising around town with Meridian (iO theater), Carl and the Passions (iO theater), the Armando Diaz experience (iO), and with house ensemble Horsefly (CIC theater). It is worth mentioning she co-wrote, co-starred, and co-directed the smash way-off Broadway hit ‘Hot Dogs In Space’. She would like to thank Louie Saunders and her family for being super chill about the FBI and NASA stuff; as she is just a woman, trying her best.

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