Tim Heurlin

Tim is a graduate of The Second City Improv Conservatory, The iO and The Annoyance. He has had the privilege of performing in dozens of shows throughout Chicago and even a bunch aboard two cruise ships courtesy of The Second City. He is very proud to be currently teaching and performing right here at The Annoyance Theatre. Tim would like to thank the cast, Mick and Jen and his friends and family for their love and support; especially his dumb old parents. For everything Tim please visit www.timheurlin.com.


Reviews of Tim Heurlin:

AP2 Student

“He was great! He really broke down improv into a way I’ve never had explained to me before and it made it easy to play.”

AP2 Student

“Tim was so energetic and excited about teaching our class, which I absolutely loved! He clearly loves improv and teaching, and was able to distill the information into ways we could understand. Whenever subjects came up that were touchy or problematic he would make sure to take the time to address it. A+.”

AP2 Student

“Tim outwardly cares and it is greatly appreciated.”

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