Stevie Shale

Stevie Shale is excited to improvise with Shade at the Annoyance this fall! You can also see her be crazy with her independent team Ms Mistoffelees at the iO Theater in Chicago, who also recently performed at UCB Chelsea for the Del Close Marathon. She acts and does voice-over for XVP Comedy Shorts and can be seen personifying Star Wars in “If Star Wars Were Your Ex-Girlfriend. At Second City she performed in the Directing Showcase “A Bit Too Far”, directed by Andrew McCammon. She provides improv-based corporate workshops with Improve it and has studied at iO, Second City, and Annoyance. In her spare time, she assigns Myers-Briggs personality types to fictional characters. Example: Gandalf the Grey is an INFJ. Gandalf the White, however, is an INTJ.


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