Sarah Ashley

Sarah Ashley performs with Super Human, The Holy Fuck Comedy Hour (both at The Annoyance Theater) and Horsefly (CIC Theater). Her written work has appeared on and she’s directed sketch shows at iO and The Annoyance. Previously Sarah appeared in Splatter Theater, The Raven & The Messenger and Manic Pixie Dreamland at The Annoyance, where she currently teaches AP3 Scene Work. In 2016 she earned a Certificate in Creative Nonfiction Writing from the University of Chicago. Sarah is really proud of her “comedy” “food blog” The Foody Heads, but she’s from Minnesota so she has no idea how to brag about that.


Review of Sarah Ashley:

AP3 Student

“Sarah Ashley was great.  She is friendly, interesting, accepting, caring, fun, energetic, creative etc etc etc.  Her group Super Human is fantastic and her lessons really came alive after I watched her perform.  What a wonderful, talented and supportive person!  Thank you Sarah Ashley!!! “


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