Robbie Ellis

Robbie Ellis is a composer, music director, broadcaster and other. He’s been the resident music director for Hitch-cocktails at The Annoyance Theater since February 2015. He has composed two shows for The Annoyance (Ask Your Doctor and The Great Annoyance Melodrama and Vaudeville Holiday Revue); and has been on piano for two more (The Power of Prom and Angela of Death).

He has also worked at The Second City Training Center, ComedySportz Chicago, Story Town, Windy City Music Theater, and MCL Chicago, where he is a resident music director for VAMP. Robbie also writes and performs comedy songs; composes dots-on-paper music for skilled musicians; and presents and produces classical music radio programmes for 98.7 WFMT. He spells it “programmes” because he is from Auckland, New Zealand.