Richard Knight, Jr.

Known alternatively as “the One the Only” and “the Only the One,” Dick “My Bizness Is Show” O’Day has been entertaining groups of 50 or more for more than 60 years.  From trade shows and industrials to ringside tables at the Copa Hut, to the soundstages of Boise, Idaho, O’Day’s career has covered it all. Never one to speak a sentence when a paragraph will do, O’Day is loved and admired by every single person he meets – and his millions of fans have thrilled to his dazzling live and film performances.  Whether it be Dick fronting a huge, big orchestra, emceeing the annual Toastmaster General’s Shriner Palace Parade, or tinkling the 88’s himself, O’Day has never left an audience wanting anything more than to get away quickly and talk about him to others. He has turned down hundreds of WRITTEN requests (affidavits on file) to star in Broadway shows and movies and television specials and series and pilots and commercials to remain in front of the crowds that so lovingly and verbally adore him. Belting out his big hits, clowning with his groupies, offering his hard earned philosophies of life, O’Day is truly the essence of show biz magic.  As he opined in his best-selling autobiography, Dick O’Day’s Big, Lovely Life, “Life is lovely and big and I love living it!”
Richard Knight, Jr., Dick O’Day’s control personality, has worked as a performer for 30 years in the Chicago area on stage and in television. He and Rusty Schwimmer first met at the Limelight nightclub on Halloween night in 1986.