Nate Curlott

Been where? Done what? Yeah. I’ve been there. Done that. Hi, I’m Nate Curlott and for the rest of this bio, I’ll be speaking in the third person. He is fresh to the Annoyance stage and eager to assist you in reaching the dopest of enlightenment! When he’s not educating and enriching the young minds of America, he can be found performing with the CSz House Team, Chimera, at the CSz Theater. If he’s not doing any of those things, he’s probably just sitting somewhere and sweating for no reason. Most recently, he has been seen on stage in Yipee Ki-Yay Merry Christmas as well as Friends: The One Where They Sing, both at MCL Chicago. Through Friends, Nate met Andreas and the Dope Dojo was conceived. We’d like to remind you that all are welcomed to the Dojo and we’d also like to thank you. Thank you for choosing enlightenment.