Mike Marunowski

Mike Marunowski moved to Chicago in 2005. Since then he has studied improv and writing at The Second City, The Annoyance and I.O. He currently performs improv with Nancy, his Harold team, at I.O. and with his very good friend, Jo Feldman, as Feldmanowski all over the city. Over the last ten years, Mike has performed in several productions at the Annoyance- Earthqueef, a staged parody of a disaster movie directed by John Loos in 2011, remains one of his favorites. Mike debuted his first solo-sketch show, One Man March, at Upstairs Gallery in March of 2013 with the help of director John Hartman. John Loos returns as director to Mike in his second solo-sketch show, Playing the Victim, when it opens at the Annoyance Theatre in 2015.