Michael Gifford

Mike Gifford was the creator of the Annoyance’s “Reader Recommended” solo show, The Broken Gay Folk Revue.  He’s also a producer of Flat Iron Comedy’s showcase No Boys Allowed, an original ensemble member of The Shithole, and regular contributor of the podcast Your Stories produced by the Nerdologues.  Mike has performed solo material at the Chicago Podcast Festival, the Steppenwolf Garage, Snubfest, The Paper Machete, amongst other showcases all over the city of Chicago.


Reviews of Michael Gifford:

Solo Performance Student

“Gifford created an environment of pure unadulterated intense freedom of creativity through his exercises, homework and bizarre but extremely useful notes/feedback. “

Solo Performance Student

“ What more can I say? …. Gifford knows what he’s doing. He can read people and use that to help their piece. His individual feedback is amazing because he is so good with people– he know’s exactly what they need to hear. He is a fucking pusher. He pushes you straight off the cliff of comfort and challenges you to go bold. He’s very supportive and gives you full ownership of the piece. One thing, I wish we had a tech run before the actual show. I think that would have made us look even more polished and it would be fun and useful to see how that works for future showcase involvement.

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