MELVIN the intern

Melvin is intern to Dick O’Day and Judy Stein. He has a last name which might be Kosterberg, Prescott, Finke, Mulwray, or Cinderfoot. But it is none of those. It’s Garland. Plain, simple Melvin Garland. Melvin’s background as an acknowledged beauty expert, third shift dog walker, personal valet to a series of (once) high profile celebrities, and his day gig as a certified incontinence expert/telemarketer all combined to make him the perfect intern for Dick O’Day and Judy Stein. In-between performing a myriad of tasks, Dick has been helping Melvin to perfect his standup routines while Judy has coached him in the art of greeting customers and putting over a song. Dick and Judy are enormously pleased to have Melvin the intern (aka Melvin Garland) as part of their show biz family.


Tim Heurlin, Melvin the intern’s control personality, has worked as an actor for several years in film, television, and on stage, with a special emphasis on improv comedy (which he also teaches). He met Richard Knight, Jr. in 2016 and appears in Knight’s forthcoming psychological horror project, “Blame It On Toby.”