Mantas Dumcius

Mantas is an actor/writer/improvisor originally from Boston, Massachusetts. He moved to Chicago after blowing all of his (and some of the Government’s) money on a degree in theater. Mantas is truly grateful to be a part of Mick and Jen’s creation at 851 W. Belmont. Since completing the Annoyance’s program, he has performed in several Annoyance shows including Co-Ed Prison Sluts, Splatter Theater, Wizard Quest, Knot Prepared: The Boy Scout Musical, It’s Christmas, Goddamnit!, the world famous Skinprov, Invisible World and more. He has also served as the assistant director for Knot Prepared: The Boy Scout Musical and The Final Balloon. Recently Mantas has written and performed a solo sketch show creatively titled Mantas!

In his spare time Mantas serves as a late-innings pinch hitter for the Boston Red Sox.