Lyn Pusztai

Lyn Pusztai (Resident Designer / Advisor), has been a member of the Annoyance family since it’s inception in 1987. She created the role of “The Bimbo” in the first production of “Splatter Theatre” and appeared in other productions throughout the years including Bloodlines, Late Night Titbits, etc. Lyn has been responsible for designing sets and wardrobes for the Annoyance since the early 90′s and has designed the interiors for it’s locations, most recently the new space at 851 W. Belmont. Other work includes set and wardrobe design for various locations of “The Second City”(1995-2002) and interiors at “Improv Olympic” (Del Close Theatre), The Second City Suite (Hotel Allegro) and G-Boutique. Lyn is also co-owner / designer of jewelry line “Roulette 18″ (2003-present) and is currently working at Columbia College Chicago in Cinema Art + Science.