Lisa McQueen

Lisa McQueen, Music Director/Composer. Lisa has been an Ensemble Member/Music Director/Composer at Annoyance Theater for 24 years, where she composed original music for Invisible World, The Raven & The Messenger, President Bush is a Great Man, 40 Whacks, Brunch Punkx, Swear Jar, Wizard Quest and Knot Prepared (a Boy Scout musical), among many others. Second City credits include What the Tour Guide Didn’t Tell You, The National Touring Company as well as revues in Atlanta, Denver, Rochester, San Diego, Barbados and Amsterdam. Regional credits include Chicago Shakespeare’s Hamlet! The Musical, Romeo & Juliet, the Musical and How Can You Run With a Shell On Your Back?, Victory Gardens and Off-Broadway productions of Wild Men! (both starring George Wendt) and Second City’s Rod Blagojevich: Superstar! She composed the original score for an indie film, Scrooge and Marley and serves as long time pianist for the Jeannie Tanner Jazz Quartet and The Rolling Clones, a band dedicated to the music of The Rolling Stones – the greatest rock and roll band in all history.

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