Lilly Allison

Lilly is a Chicago native and has been involved with The Annoyance Theatre since she was 14 yrs old. The Annoyance theory and style of improvisation is ingrained in her since she basically grew up there. Lilly has also studied, taught, and performed improv several other places as well. She performed on the Harold team, Cougars, at I.O. for 6 years. She traveled with The Second City National Touring Company for close to 3 years. She has also studied Meisner at The Neigborhood Playhouse in NYC. Lilly is a certified yoga instructor and a licensed cosmetologist as well. So, if you want to get a haircut, do some downward dog and then learn how to heighten an improv choice… you know who to call!


Reviews of Lilly Allison:

AP3 Student

“She is a natural born teacher and improviser. “

Standup Student

“Lilly is an excellent teacher––one of the best teachers I have had for a creative class in Chicago. She has a clear, smart curriculum and gave excellent feedback on our assignments/jokes.”

AP3 Student

“Lilly knows so much about improv, and almost everything she said was extremely relevant and insightful. She is the first teacher that I have EVER had that has provided a coherent description and narrative about what improv is and also specifics on HOW TO DO IT.”

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