Kyle Dolan

Kyle Dolan has been involved with the Annoyance Theater for 20 years. Starting in 1994 as a student, Kyle was soon thrown into shows both onstage and behind the scenes in over 30 productions. Teaching for over 10 years, Kyle looks forward to every new class and feels lucky to have met and worked with so many talented and funny individuals. Kyle Dolan is also very gullible. Feel free to take advantage of this foible by telling him you have children when, indeed, you have none.


Reviews of Kyle Dolan:

AP3 Student

“I love Kyle; he has a really unique way of looking at things.“

AP3 Student

“I really like Kyle, I feel he helped cultivate a safe and playful environment in the classroom. I had been feeling rather down on my improv skills, a bit resigned to assuming I was not a “good” improviser, but I feel a lot better after Kyle’s class. I feel like I’ve grown more, learned more techniques to add to my toolbox, and have found the fun and playfulness in improv. Very grateful to Kyle.“

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