Judy Stein

Judy Stein began her career working in the Catskills as the daily announcement and vespers lady and proceeded to have a long and prosperous relationship with the cruise ship industry. After meeting her late, beloved husband Murray, Judy left the business for several years and lived with Murray in an art enclave in the wilds of Terre Haute, Indiana. Following Murray’s untimely demise after an unfortunate accident at one of his dry cleaning establishments, Judy returned to the business full throttle, making a splash in Knott’s Berry farm as the greeter at the renowned chicken dinner restaurant known for their delicious chicken dinners. She met an infomercial producer and became the Before person in a series of Jack LaLanne Miracle Juicer commercials. This led to her favorite star turn to date. That would be her seven years as Charlotte Rae’s stand in on the hit TV sitcom “The Facts of Life.” During the run of the show, Judy was able to greet Miss Rae on three separate, DOCUMENTED occasions. Unfortunately, the producers of the show did not think she was a good fit with Cloris Leachman, who replaced Charlotte Rae when she left the show. Always one to turn lemons into limes, Judy returned to the cruise ship industry where she remains a beloved fixture all along the southern hemisphere route. She and Dick O’Day first crossed paths in the mid-1970s. But that is a story for another day. She feels, as the kids would say, “Hashtag blessed.”

Rusty Schwimmer, Judy Stein’s control personality, has worked as an actress for 30 years in film, television, and on stage. She and Richard Knight, Jr. first met at the Limelight nightclub in 1986 where she was portraying the Bride of Frankenstein.