Jessi Realzola

Jessi Realzola is a Chicago based comedic actor, writer, and improvisor. She has graced the stages of Second City TC, iO Chicago, Annoyance, The Crowd Theater, The Playground Theater and many more. Jessi’s performer credits include video sketch for KneeSlapz Produckshuns, film festivals throughout the year, dancer for Calle Latina salsa dance team, and improv with Generation LatinX, Concsious Pontius, and Las Tinas. Jessi uses her rich Mexican background as a source for inspiration in her characters and as material when she’s creating original sketch and web pieces. She has produced variety comedy shows all over Chicago that focus on highlighting diverse talent. Jessi believes that building shows for minority and diverse talent is important for the growth and advancement of art as a whole. Jessi owes her success in comedy to the love and support from her family and friends, but most importantly, her husband Luan.

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