Jess DeBacco

Jess DeBacco, making her directorial debut, is a Chicago-based comedian born and raised in Carson City, NV. She is an alumni of the Severn Darden Graduate Program, a former member of Second City’s musical house team, Infinite Sundaes and former understudy to Second City’s She The People. She can be found doing stand-up around the city and performing with her iO Harold Team, DIG.

Follow her on Instagram @jd_nv for show and performance updates. Jess would like to add how thankful she is to be able to be a part of Michelle Aldridge’s 30-Year-Old Virgo. Being gifted the opportunity to work and create with such a kind, open, and honest artist and friend is something she will cherish all her life. Congratulations and thank you to Michelle for putting your heart and soul out for others to see.

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