Jacki Schwarz

Jacki Schwarz is an comedian, actress, writer, and media professional hailing from sunny South Florida who enjoys complaining about the fluctuations in temperature in Chicago. Her journey into the improv world began at the University of Florida where she performed with Theatre Strike Force; UF’s premiere improv and sketch comedy troupe. Since moving to Chicago she has completed training programs at The Second City Conservatory, The iO Theater, and The Annoyance Theater. Jacki has been an ensemble member with the Royal Masquerade Ball Dinner Theater, Kaiser Baby’s Schiessennaught, and on a number of Second City Training Center and Annoyance Theater revues. She has performed with the retired iO Harold Team ‘Maximum’, in multiple haunted houses, and at several comedy festivals including Chicago Improv Festival, Gainesville Improv Festival, and Detroit Improv Festival. You can see Jacki perform around Chicago with the independent two-man improv troupe ‘Junior,’ online with the sketch group ‘fifty six K’ at the Crowd Theater with the Co-op league, and on the ensemble at the Under the Gun Theater.