Heidi Joosten

Heidi Joosten is an active musical unicorn in Chicago – working as an improv and cabaret pianist, music director, voice and piano instructor, multi-genre composer, church musician, and harpist. When she’s not in a rehearsal room, you can find her working as a recording engineer for Atlas Arts, immersed in multiple composition projects (including three original musicals), improvising on the keys wherever she can, and petting literally every dog she has permission to approach. Her compositions have been performed in multiple venues throughout the city, Midwest, New York City, and Canada. She is also the music director and composer-in-residence of Forte Chicago, an all-female improv and sketch comedy operatic ensemble. Heidi is completely stoked to be joining Anarchy once again and is grateful to the Annoyance for never questioning her cheese consumption. @heidijoosten /www.heidijoosten.com

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