Emily Friedrick

Emily Friedrick​ is utterly delighted to be counted amongst the Ladies of Improvised Jane Austen! Originally from the wilds of North Idaho, Emily migrated to Chicago nearly a decade ago to pursue the theatre life after her tutelage in performance and costume design at the University of Idaho. Aside from her numerous regency romps with IJA, Emily most recently had a fit as Chris Christie in 12 Angry Candidates, and struck with hysterics (multiple meanings apply!) as Winter in the season finale episode of Colby Holt’s Gayborhood. And for many a year, Emily wrote, performed, and designed with 4 Days Late Productions, including the long running Jersey Shore: The Musical, Tony n’ Timmy’s Wedding, It’s A Wonderful Pro-Life, #show, and many a Chicago Sketchfest. Like so many other thespians and vagabonds about town, she has studied at iO and Second City. Here’s to all of the beautiful people in Emily’s life… especially Ms. Austen! Without her resolve to mend the plights of our sex, we might never know the wondrous freedom of leggings.

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