Declan Murphy

Declan Murphy is an actor, writer, musician, and improviser based in Chicago. Born and raised in Bar Harbor, ME, Declan has been acting since the age of 7 and was touched by fate when ImprovAcadia—a theatre run by former-Chicagoans, populated by Chicagoans—opened seven years later, operating seasonally. After working with ImprovAcadia’s owners through a high school musical, Declan asked to be an intern and, for many summers after that, studied the craft closely. After training briefly with Mick at the Annoyance and BoomChicago in 2010, Declan completed his studies in Performance Philosophy at Hampshire College and moved on out to the midwest. He is honored to be involved with the Annoyance, and is thankful to Mick, Jen and the whole family for having him.