Dean Santiago

Dean Santiago is thrilled to be part of the diverse Stir Friday Night family. Even though the suburbs of San Jose California are well known to be the mecca of improvisational theater, Dean moved to Chicago to see what else the world had to offer. He’s trained at Made Up Theater, American Improv Theater, iO, and Annoyance. He currently performs with the independent teams Fullmodo and Hulk & Bear, and has hosted monthly improv jams. His theater credits include A Few Good Men (Bellarmine), Cody’s Recital (Crowd), the Del Close Marathon (UCB), Pilipino Cultural Night (UC Merced), Sacrilege (Annoyance), and the San Francisco Improv Festival (LEELA).  In addition to theater and dance, Dean likes to write music, and play with his blind dog Delilah. Dean is excited to further elevate voices of color, and help be the change he wants to see in the theater community.

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