Dave Maher

Raised in Oklahoma and Cincinnati, Dave Maher is a Chicagoan of over a dozen years and as many apartments. He began acting and improvising comedy around the city in 2008, until, in 2013, he transcended improv and realized that stand-up is where his brand of loose, conversational playfulness fits best. As a result of the sold-out success of his debut one-man show about the coma he suffered in 2014 (Dave Maher Coma Show), he was named one of Newcity’s “Players 2016: The Fifty People Who Really Perform for Chicago”. He produces and hosts two monthly shows: Hella Immaculate, a stand-up showcase held every second Tuesday of the month at Volumes Bookcafe in Wicker Park, and Back of the Party, a live-recorded podcast and interview show about the creative arts that takes place every first Wednesday of the month at Transistor in Andersonville. His agents are Grossman & Jack Talent, and his Twitter handle is @thisisdavemaher.