Dan Dore

Dan is a graduate of the Second City Conservatory (Toronto), and currently in the Music Conservatory at Second City – Chicago.  He’s been in Chicago for 7 years where he took the improv, writing and music programs at iO Chicago, while also being on a Harold team and various shows.  He studied and completed the program at The Annoyance Theater, and performed in various shows there as well.  He’s performed and coached for multiple seasons with MINT (Music Improv Night) at MCL Chicago Theater.  He has performed with ComedySportz (Buffalo) and other WNY-based improv/comedy groups for over 10 years, where he also taught and coached.  He performed in various shows at The Bad Dog Theatre in Toronto. He’s performed at various improv festivals (Del Close Marathon, North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival, Toronto Improv Festival).  Dan writes – scripts, sketches, songs and more.  He also has a Master’s Degree in Creativity (Seriously), with a Master’s Project in Improvisation.