Christy Bonstell

Christy Bonstell has been an improv performer, teacher and sketch writer for over 15 years, both at iO Theater and The Second City, where she performs and writes for Second City Works. When she’s not traveling around the country performing, she plays with the Deltones, the Musical Armando and runs the Experts at iO. You may have seen Christy on tv, trying to sell you chicken, pork or egg McMuffins or heard her on the radio trying to sell you other such enticing things. Most recently Christy was seen as Nancy Cameron in The Secret Santa, a heart-warming holiday movie on The Learning Channel.


Review of Christy Bonstell:

AP3 Student

“Christy is so amazing as a teacher and I think she found what we all struggled with and made us attack it and improve. She said that we take these classes to get better, and if we wanted it to be easy it wouldn’t be worthwhile. Her notes were specific and direct all while being very intelligent and thoughtful. If I could learn from her again, I’d die happy. “

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