Chrissy Bruzek

After an embarrassing third grade play where she forgot all her lines, Chrissy Bruzek swore she would never act again. Sixteen years later she saw an improv group perform in Chicago and had a religious-like comedy epiphany that in improv, you don’t have to act at all! Soon after, Chrissy hit the scene hard and graduated from the Second City Conservatory, the Second City Music Improv Conservatory, and the iO Improvisation Program, which makes her a major comedy nerd. She is also an ensemble member of Funny Bones Improv, Cupid Players: Cupid Has A Heart On, performs in a musical comedy duo called Lexi&Chrissy, has performed in Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival, Austin’s Out of Bounds Festival, Chicago Women’s Funny Festival, writes stuff, sings stuff, and likes to eat stuff. Dogs, pie, and waffles forever.