Chip Nash

8 months ago Chip Nash packed up his dog and whatever else he could fit into his car, left Las Vegas (not in a Nick Cage way) and now is immersing himself as heavily aspossible in the Chicago comedy community. Spending most of his life as a professional dancer, Chip was able to perform in various corners of the world. (I’m sure if you ask, he’ll tell you all about it, he LOVES waxing nostalgic) An unfortunate injury has made him slightly less twinkle toed, but now he’s found another avenue to get his applause fix,Comedy! With a bit over 3 years of training in improvisation from some Second City
Alums in Vegas, Chip decided it was time to hit the road and dive in head first. He can currently be seen performing in various sketch and improv shows around town as one half of the vaudevillian improv duo Danny and Arnold, and  member of musical improv troupe Rhyme and Punishment. Chip is very excited to be a part of 3 Blocks from Broadway and can’t wait to see what they come up with this week
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