Charley Carroll

Charley Carroll has been an actor, director, and teacher in Chicago for over 10 years. Originally hailing from Atlanta, GA Charley is a student of Annoyance, iO and Second City, but Annoyance is where he calls home. As a performer, Charley has been in many Annoyance productions most memorable was his 3 years as Skeeter in “Coed Prison Sluts”. Past credits for directing include: “Splatter Theater” (4 years), “The Tragedy of Balloon Boy”, and “It’s Christmas, Goddamnnit!”.


Reviews of Charley Carroll:

AP2 Student

“I learned so much, and I know it’s thanks to Charley’s skills as a teacher. His high energy and enthusiasm set a great tone for the class. He was able to explain things in a way that really stuck with me outside of class, even weeks later. His coaching and feedback throughout the course was very valuable. It was a pivotal class! “

AP2 Student 

“This dude gets it. His passion for improv is supported by intelligence and energy which was refreshing to see in an instructor. He was great at pushing students to their full potential and was able to communicate what you should be working on. “

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