Celeste Izmore

Celeste Izmore is a drag legend who has been entertaining audiences for seven non-consecutive decades. Known for her sizzling wit and fiery performances, she has been seen from the shores of Lake Michigan all the way to the dunes of Saugatuck, Michigan and has consensually shared the stage with such luminaries as Jane Kaczmarek, Daniel Powter, Temple Grandin and Bonnie McElveen-Hunter (U.S. ambassador to Finland 2001- 2003). She has non-consensually shared the stage with countless celebrities, including Blythe Danner and Sheryl Crow. Celeste is the original Miss Intercontinental Winnetka Group C and was the third runner up (out of four) for the 1983 Miss Congeniality Award for the Miss Northwest Midwest Drag America Regional Continental Semi-Final. She has been a finalist for Roger’s Park Between Pratt and Devon, West of Glenwood But East of Ashland Gay & Lesbian Hall of Fame for the past three years. When not stealing the show with her acerbic wit and sassy leg-ography, Celeste is often seen dining with or very near by the Chicago elite. Incidentally, the restraining order Kelly Ripa has against her expires in March.