Carlos Rivera

Carlos Rivera ( has been involved in improv for most of his adult life. He moved from Miami to Chicago in early 2016 to take his study of the comedy arts to the next level. Since then, he has successfully completed the Annoyance Theater Training Program, the Second City Training Center Conservatory and Musical Improv Program, and the Stage 773 2016 Summer/Fall Artist’s Lab series. Carlos has also been an ensemble member of the Under The Gun Theater, a four season veteran of Musical Improv Night (“MINt”), as well as a cast member of several other improv/sketch teams & shows.

Before Chicago, Carlos was all up in the South Florida improv scene where he performed, directed, taught improv & sketch, and co-ran a theater for several years. He has also performed at improv festivals across the country and taught workshops at both the Sarasota & Tampa Improv Festivals. Carlos has gotten very comfortable with the cold weather, but still gets annoyed when people call the lake a “beach”; it’s not.

He also believes that the “Stargate Program” (a classified Air Force program whereby the military explores different planets through a series of interconnected wormhole rings) is real and challenges you to prove otherwise. You can’t? That’s what he thought.

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