Caitlin Stephan

As one half of the Upstairs Gallery, Caitlin hails from Pittsburgh, PA and has been living in Chicago since 2008. Caitlin’s comedy career has been a bit backward having started first with running Upstairs Gallery’s physical space (2011-2014), to then producing and directing her own shows to finally getting on stage and performing herself. She is producer of the weekly varietal Upstairs at The Annoyance, Ladies Love Upstairs Gallery, Improv Crush and FRESH and executive producer of A Jangleheart Circus, a three day comedy festival held annually at the Den Theatre in Wicker Park. Past credits include Director of AWK’s debut show at Studio Be as well as artistic consultant on AWK’s Holiday Revue. This spring/summer will see her returning as Director of AWK’s Annoyance run as well as Assistant Director of Bumblebee, an all female sketch show directed by Mike Klasek. Having just completed iO, she can be seen performing with her independent team “H2O” as well as singing in sporadic cabarets around the city. She loves cats, Mountain Dew, her family and Adam.