Brittany Flynn

A product of her secluded rural upbringing, Brittany developed a love for the simple things in life; music, laughter, and whiskey. She hails from the Green Mountain State and moved to the Windy City after getting her heart broken. After a night of harmonizing at the kitchen table (fueled mainly by aforementioned whiskey) she began performing music with Evan over two years ago. They became the duo Evan & Mary Jane and have performed around the city at venues such as Quenchers, Second City Beat Lounge, HIdden Shamrock, MCL, etc. She is jumping at the chance of getting to make music with these talented, dreamy boys and she hopes to get all of your toes tapping. Thanks to every person who has been dubbed “her family” both genetically and respectfully, for telling her to shoot for the moon, because at least then she’d be an astronaut. Thank you to Mick, Jen, Chels, Duke, and all of the “annoyers” for putting up with their loud, lengthy rehearsals, and for this incredibly amazing opportunity! Love y’all.

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