Brittany Flynn

A product of her secluded rural upbringing, Brittany relied on the outdoors and a vivid imagination for entertainment. Decades and a theater degree later, she has been a part of over twenty Chicago productions and developed a moderate drinking problem. Recently narrowing her focus to music, her duo, Evan & Mary Jane, and have performed around the city at venues such as the UP Comedy Club, Second City Beat Lounge, iO, Hidden Shamrock, MCL, etc. You can’t find their album on Spotify because it costs too much money, and she has a theater degree. Thanks to her family, both genetically and respectfully, for telling her to shoot for the moon, because at least then she’d be an astronaut. Thank you to Mick, Jen, Tom, Charlie, Duke, Megan, Nicky, Greg, Parker, Evan, and all of the “annoyers” for this great opportunity! Love y’all.

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