Bob Fisher

Bob Fisher is a member of the original cast of Co-Ed Prison Sluts (1989), and first taught advanced improvisation at the Annoyance in the early 1990’s.  He co-wrote complete staged plays and musicals, developed through improvisation, with Cardiff Giant (John Hildreth, Greg Kotis, Laura T. Fisher, Mark Hollman); performed comedic/dramatic improvisation in Bang Bang (Tracy Letts, Paul Dillon, Michael Shannon); and is an alumnus of the National Touring Company of The Second City.  Bob recently returned to Chicago after several years teaching, coaching, and performing improvisation at the Torch Theatre in Phoenix, AZ.  He has performed in several festivals including CIF, DCM, OOB, and PIF.  Currently, he is performing at the Annoyance in “Bob Fisher’s Imporv Show”.

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