Anna Irving

Anna Irving began pursuing acting as a career right out of high school, entering Columbia College in 2007. The classes proved to be too demanding for the naive youngster, so she decided to settle on moving to Maine to acquire a degree in geology. Sensible. After changing career, emotional, and physical directions, Anna realized, “Oh, crap. I’m no volcanologist, mineralogist, nor any kind of scientist. I want–and always have wanted–to improvise.” (Though she did begin her foray into both acting and science with the original 2001 sketch, “Steph Irving: Crocodile Huntress.”) With that realization in mind, Anna got herself a minor in theatre and moved back home to Chicagoland in September 2013. Anna has since enrolled in courses at the Second City Training Center, where she is currently finishing up the Conservatory program. Thrilled to be in her first production at The Annoyance, Anna would be honored to have post-show chats, on topics ranging from Chicago comedy to seismograms.