Anita Cannoli

Anita Cannoli is a good Italian girl from Union New Jersey who likes her penne al dente if you know what she means! She is proud to call herself the second fishiest girl in the show. After getting run over by an Entenmann’s delivery truck, Anita has devoted herself to a life of bio drag. Anita is such a convincing drag queen she has won many pageant titles, but after being forced to show her female genitals, was promptly dethroned. She has won Miss Gay Tri-States, Miss Congenital USA New Jersey Grouping, and most importantly–Miss All American Goddess Mid-Atlantic Female Impersonator in the Mid-Atlantic region. She is so happy to be sharing the stage with her fellow KWEENS. She is pretty sure that is how you spell KWEEN. Much love to all forever and always. MUAH MUAH.