Andreas Tsironis

Andreas loves to make people laugh, and he hopes you’re one of those people! He has been doing improv ever since his mom signed him up for the Second City Boot Camp 10 years ago. He is a graduate of the iO training program, the CSz School of Professional Improv, performed on two CSz house teams–Atomic and Cabal–and once swam with sea turtles. Andreas was also the understudy to Joey in Friends: The One Where They Sing at MCL Chicago. He met Nate Curlott there and the Dope Dojo was conceived. When not performing, Andreas can be found reading comics, reminding people that he is the fastest and strongest, and whispering “you’re a dog” in his dog’s ear. Andreas would like to thank The Annoyance Theatre for debuting The Dope Dojo and allowing enlightenment to inspire all who attend.