Teacher of the Year

Five teachers from Nelson High School suddenly become four when their shitty coworker Derek is mysteriously murdered at the annual teacher convention. The remaining teachers must use their classroom skills to solve clues left by the killer. Grab your three-ring … Continue reading Teacher of the Year

Chuckle F*ckers

NO SHOW 5/22 Improv, sketch, music, stand-up, and everything in between. Come be entertained by Annoyance groups that perform new, original and experimental material! New acts every two weeks.

Clear CONscience

NO SHOW JULY 4TH. Clear CONscience is the sketch revue focused on what makes humans do predictably stupid things: cognitive biases. Each sketch centers around one cognitive bias so you can see why people are idiots without having the required … Continue reading Clear CONscience


Fishbowl hosted by Sight Unseen is a two act improv show. First, Annoyance Students will get a chance to enter their ID’s into a fishbowl. 5 students selected will perform in an improv jam with 5 Annoyance veterans, including teachers … Continue reading Fishbowl


SHEBEAST is the loudest, nastiest, sexiest group of he-women you’ve ever seen. They stomp through life making jokes and taking names. You a down right DIRTY DOG? Then this show is for you. The ladies get in your face, and … Continue reading SHEBEAST

Baby Wine

Baby Wine is an all-gay improv supernova with universally relatable scene-work from a cast filled with unique points of view. Baby Wine can only be described as a fast-paced mix of complex relationships with manipulated gender roles and pop culture … Continue reading Baby Wine

Baby Wine Pride Dance Party

Goes all night (Until bar close) Come celebrate Pride with Baby Wine with their show at 10pm! Don’t forget to stick around for this insanely fun dance party after the show!