What Could Have Been

Audrey, Shawn, and Ryan all live in the same universe. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they believe there aren’t alternate universes out there where their lives our very different. What Could Have Been explores the idea of what their lives … Continue reading What Could Have Been

The Holy Fuck Comedy Hour

See a collage of character studies, scenes, songs and maybe even some audience interaction, all written in a week by some of Chicago’s most accomplished comedians. The “Holy Fuck Comedy Hour” is a curated hour of eclectic, comedic material written … Continue reading The Holy Fuck Comedy Hour


Some people dress for the job they want. Some people dress for the job they have. Some people do both. Tailor is the exploration of the positive and negative connotations associated to a suit. Follow Stu through his daily interactions … Continue reading Tailor

Cigarette Sandwich

Cigarette Sandwich is finally taking the gloves off, showing you the mewling, betentacled stumps they call hands. No more gimmicks, zero additives, just the best sketch comedy ever written or performed, anywhere, ever, and if you disagree, fight us. It’s … Continue reading Cigarette Sandwich

Friday Night Lights Are On But Nobody’s Home

Friday Night Lights are On but Nobody’s Home is a reflection on Mark Saltz’s experiences as an educator, evangelical and sports fanatic. Share the joy as he reveals how he came to distrust everything he knew to be true.


Adira tells the story of one princess living in a kingdom under a terrible curse. Adira must journey alone to save her family and her home before douchebags and trolls win! And maybe learn a little something on the way. … Continue reading Adira

Americans Abroad

Americans Abroad is a sketch comedy show satirizing travel culture, foreign policy, and even space travel! This hour long production finds humor in the culture clashing experiences of Americans out of place and out of touch. And if that weren’t … Continue reading Americans Abroad

Chuckle F*ckers

Improv, sketch, music, stand-up, and everything in between. Come be entertained by Annoyance groups that perform new, original and experimental material! New acts every two weeks.


Battle-Axe is a a bad ass sketch show from the comedic minds of popular all-female sketch comedy group, ProDuNKTiOn, directed by John Hildreth. Join these hilarious women for a high energy, hilarious journey as they tackle topics like body image, … Continue reading Battle-Axe