FREAK is a solo show exploring the emotional freak inside us all. What is it like to dismiss your wants and desires? This show forces us to examine loneliness, fear of settling, and self hate through the eyes of LeeAnne, … Continue reading Freak

Strawberry Dreams

NO SHOW SEPTEMBER 19TH Strawberry Dreams is a sketch show that explores the concept of translating dreams onto the stage. It follows the weaving of five best friends’ slumber-inspired adventures into a comedic sketch show. Using non-traditional scene transitions, the … Continue reading Strawberry Dreams

A Wet Dream on Elm Street: The Musical

PREVIEW 10/7/2018 When a group of misfit friends goes out to Boystown, they find themselves facing off with Teddy Krueger, the infamous Nightmare on Elm Street’s sadder, sexier younger brother. As each friend drifts into the dreamworld they must come … Continue reading A Wet Dream on Elm Street: The Musical