Christmas in July

Three dynamic friends enter a graveyard trying to summon a spirit, the devil, literally anyone except… Santa Claus.. Put out your tree, hang your lights and join us for a spooky night of sketches. As they say… Tis the Seance.

Cigarette Sandwich

Cigarette Sandwich will not be having shows on 6/8 and 6/15. Cigarette Sandwich is finally taking the gloves off, showing you the mewling, betentacled stumps they call hands. No more gimmicks, zero additives, just the best sketch comedy ever written … Continue reading Cigarette Sandwich

The Hanleys

The Hanleys are a typical American sitcom family that always seems to find themselves in not-so-typical situations, like receiving messages from God, babysitting their neighbor’s sex doll, or dealing drugs when dad gets fired from work.

Double Feature: “You Piece of Shit, You Were Always Like A Brother to Me” & “Ryan Kappmeyer Is Not A Cop”

You know the feeling you get when you catch 20 ought feet of air off a sand dune in your 150cc Kandi? It’s a hell of a thrill and 10/10 you’re going to shit your pants. This high octane solo … Continue reading Double Feature: “You Piece of Shit, You Were Always Like A Brother to Me” & “Ryan Kappmeyer Is Not A Cop”

Palatable Twins

Palatable Twins is a comedic experience, a wormhole of delight., and an unauthorized trip into our shared consciousness. A night of comedic and artistic variety, each show caps off the night with the show’s hosts, Gaby Dixon and Allison Reese, … Continue reading Palatable Twins

Welcome to the NRA

“Welcome to the NRA: A Musical ‘Bout Guns” traces the Association from their post-Civil War beginnings to their polarizing influence in today’s society. One man learns just how much of an effect the organization has on the country and questions … Continue reading Welcome to the NRA

Ratas de Dos Patas

“Ratas de Dos Patas” is a variety comedy show with opening acts ranging from improv, sketch, stand up, and musical guests. The headlining performance, “Las Ratas”, is composed of 4 spicy Latinas who perform bilingual sketch and improv. At the … Continue reading Ratas de Dos Patas