You’re a Good Man, Mary Shelley

@ 8:00 | Mainstage

$20, $15 for students

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No show October 14th

In 1815 the volcano, Mount Tambora, erupted, causing severe climate abnormalities. In 1816 the poet Lord Byron rented a home in Switzerland and invited several poets, including Percy Bysshe Shelley and Mary Shelley to summer with him. The climate changes caused an unbearably cold summer, so the poets holed up in the Villa Diodati and had a competition to write the scariest ghost story. Mary Shelley, having never written anything in her life, won by writing Frankenstein; or the Modern Prometheus. But what happened to the other ghost stories, and why weren’t they as good as Frankenstein? In a Treehouse of Horror style format, “You’re a Good Man, Mary Shelley” explores the five ghost stories that were garbage compared to Frankenstein, while also revealing the complex relationships the poets had with each other during “The Year Without a Summer”

The People

Maureen Monahan, Co-Writer

Maureen Monahan is an improvisor and writer who has performed and trained at The Annoyance, iO, and The Second City Conservatory. She performs frequently with the independent sketch duo Spooky Dookie as well as with Velvet Nebula, a House Ensemble … Continue reading Maureen Monahan

Mark Walsh, Co-Writer

Mark Walsh is excited to do this show at his favorite theater with this dope cast and crew. Mark can be seen performing sketch and improv at Flat Iron, The Crowd, The Playground, and other places. He’s proud to have been … Continue reading Mark Walsh

Susan Glynn, Director

Susan Glynn is a professional actress, comedian, writer, director and mermaid. She performs all over Chicago at many different comedy and theater venues often donning wigs and elaborate costume pieces. Susan is a graduate with a degree in Theatre Performance … Continue reading Susan Glynn

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The Chicago Reader says:

There are certain names it’s exciting to see on a comedy cast list because they guarantee a certain baseline of quality no matter the overall success of the project. Comedian Mark Walsh, whose stage presence is a giggle-inducing mix of silly and smart, is one of those names.