Y2Gay: Coming of Age at the End of the World

Directed by Susan Glynn

@ 8:00 | Mainstage

$20, $15 Students

About the Show

Set at the edge of the new millennium, Y2Gay is a high school comedy for the 90’s kid in all of us. The most popular girl at Jonathan Taylor Thomas High, Rude Betsy, rules the school with an iron fist. But will her reign of terror last when new student Sheila arrives on the scene? Meanwhile, popular boys hope to get their rock band out of the garage and into the limelight. Can they maintain their friendship when a secret crush threatens to tear them apart? Strap on your platforms and Macarena your way to The Annoyance for this over the top, campy musical that will have you missing the days of Nick at Night, Spice Girls, and Dunkaroos. Just try not to DIE laughing first.

The People

Susan Glynn, Director

Susan Glynn is a writer, director, comedian, actor, hair haver, mess maker, and all around goofball. She currently works and resides in Chicago but is always available to be swept off on a whim by an eccentric billionaire who wants … Continue reading Susan Glynn

David Yontz, Musical Director

Cast Members