Worlds Worst Witch

Directed by Lydia House

@ 8:00 | Small Theatre


About the Show

On Samhain October 31st in year 666 Ireland is full of myths and magic… and witches!

A young woman named Biddy thinks she is “The World’s Worst Witch.”

With the help of her ghost father and Magic Creatures from Ireland Celtic myths, she will learn that’s not true.

Worlds Worst Witch guarantees a truly wholesome, family friendly, and most of all, cute evening.

The People

Lydia House, Director

Lydia moved to the city with one suitcase and a dream: to win back her ex. After that failed spectacularly she took up comedy, interning at The Shithole. She got her first break starring in shows like Splatter and Burlesque … Continue reading Lydia House

Chris Hanley, Writer

I love write silly and fun stories.

Ross Berman, Musical Director

Ross Berman is a Syracuse-raised, Chicago-based musician, improviser, playwright, food blogger, student, humorist, tweeter, instagram photographer and cheese salesman. He is premium-grade Illuminati and all up in them aliens. #blessed

Cast Members