The White Trash Guide to Corporate America

Directed by Case Blackwell

@ 8:00 | Small Theatre


About the Show

Best selling author and self help guru, Greg Lovelace, is bringing his award winning seminar to Chicago. Using his own life’s journey, Greg has been teaching people the ins and outs of finding success in the corporate sector for close to a decade. “I used to live on a goat farm outside of Janesville. I worked two fast food jobs and my life was going nowhere. But now I work in an office, and you could too!” says Greg.

The People

Case Blackwell, Director

I’m like a soccer dad to a minivan full of sociopaths. Case Blackwell is an actor, comedian and writer from Roanoke, Virginia. A graduate of the University of Virginia, he moved to Chicago in 2010 to get further involved with … Continue reading Case Blackwell

Cast Members