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Unblock the Artist with Dave Maher

Stop delaying, and start creating. Whether you’re stuck in your artistic practice or never started one in the first place, this class will help you get ideas out of your head and onto the page, stage, or canvas. We’ll use source texts like The Artist’s Way, The War of Art, Writing Down the Bones, and Viola Spolin’s Improvisation for the Theater to kickstart our journeys of becoming the productive artists we know we can be.
Each week, we’ll confront the obstacles that keep us blocked and find creative ways to dismantle them. Through in-class exercises and regular homework, we’ll start daily creative routines, begin work on dream projects, and share what we learn along the way. Since students’ goals will vary, so will their exercises and homework. What will be constant for everyone is the camaraderie of sharing our struggles and our accountability to each other.
This class is open to students who wish to practice in any artistic medium, and there are no prerequisites. Students may share finished work at an optional public show at the end of the 6-week session.
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Dave Maher

Dave Maher has appeared on “This American Life” and in the pages of the Chicago Reader and Chicago Tribune. His one-man show, Dave Maher Coma Show, has appeared at the Edinburgh Fringe. He teaches storytelling and creative process classes at the Annoyance. Gapers … Continue reading Dave Maher

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