Ü and The Atomic Bomb

@ 8:00 | Small Theatre


About the Show


Joe and the McCarthys are the creators of the modern day concept of comedy for the masses. Do not challenge this fact. Or the knowledge that they are literal WMD’s of the comedy stage. Kablooey all you comrades! Ever laugh so hard in the face of other’s fears that you disrupt peace in an entire region you don’t live anywhere near? Well then we call on you to step up for the betterment of society and invite you to witness Ü and the Atomic Bomb.

Their first and most spectacular sketch show on earth since the 1950’s was an era. All born into the “Two legs good, four legs bad” movement. Adam Breseman, Bobby Harris, Daniela Aguilar, Gina Conti, Jazmin Iracheta, Kristina Rae, Sommer Bonner and Tim Koning
will hand you the American and Canadian Dream on an everyman’s silver platter. A dream that brings together all of society together for 50 minutes, over six weeks, starting July 25th at The Annoyance Theatre.

The People

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